What if you could get furniture quality cabinetry with gorgeous, oven-baked finishes...for less?

What if you could get furniture-quality, inset cabinetry...with 5/8" maple dovetail drawers, 1/2" plywood back and sides, and gorgeous, oven-baked paint and stains...for less?

With Crown Select, you can! Just imagine, everything you want in a customized cabinet...for less!

Up until now, if you wanted your cabinetry to have inset construction, your only option would be to go with full custom cabinetry. There are lots of options out there for cabinetry with limited customization, but none are available with inset face frame construction. But now, there's a choice with Crown Select.

Square Inset Face Frame

Beaded Inset Face Frame

Options available with Crown Select

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